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Road To Malevolence Series

Book cover Road To Malevolence

Road To Malevolence

Gary, Indiana, 1987: They seem like an ordinary, church-going family. But behind the facade…

Nine-year-old Janet Moore is so tired of going to church. Boring clothes, boring sermons, boring family. But during one particular Sunday service, she’s in for a shock when her father, the church deacon, starts acting strangely. He’s down and out rude to a beautiful first-time visitor who stands during testimony service to share how good the Lord has been to her. She doesn’t even get her words out before Janet’s father cuts her off and tells the band to crank up the volume.

Soon after, a toxic secret is exposed. Janet’s secure young life explodes into a million pieces. She calls on Jesus for help. But He doesn’t come to her rescue. Neither does her mother because she's got problems of her own.

Janet struggles to contain her anger. She wants everyone who’s ruined her life to burn in hell. If only she had a match. Can Janet wait for the Lord’s vengeance? Or is this sassy, outspoken, nosey child about to become her holier-than-thou father's worst nightmare?

Find out in this dark psychological novel which exposes the secrets buried behind the illusion of a happy, God-fearing family.


Book Cover for Road To Malevolence 2

Road To Malevolence 2

What's done in the dark will always come to light... 

The year is 1996, and Janet Moore, now a senior in high school, just wants to leave it all behind. Her overbearing religious mother, the pressures of graduating and navigating changing relationships, her deepest, dark secrets... all of it. 

But when a new development plan by the city council to tear down an old cathedral threatens to reveal her secrets, Janet faces even more turmoil. Friends become enemies, and Janet faces life-altering decisions to preserve her chance at freedom. 

Will Janet be able to preserve the world she's so carefully crafted for herself? Or, like the demolition of the cathedral, will it all come crashing down? 

Find out in this psychological suspense sequel, Road To Malevolence 2.


I Should Have Worn A Curtain Series

I Should Have Worn A Curtain: A Novella

I’m sitting on the bench at the foot of my bed, face buried in my hands, still feeling stuffed from yesterday’s binge. Guilty. Ashamed...

After yet another night of binging, Shaena makes the tough decision to attend Overeaters Anonymous (OA). There’s more than just the overeating, but she can’t even admit it to herself, let alone anyone else. All she knows is that her life is out of control. Is she finally ready to face her demons and end her love affair with donuts?

On her way to her first meeting, she meets Mike, a hot personal trainer new in town who offers Shaena free training and asks her on a date. Shaena couldn't be happier. But is Mike interested in her, or does he have other plans for this BBW?

I Should Have Worn a Curtain is a raw look at one woman's struggle to deal with the complexities of male and female relationships, and her greatest antagonist. Herself.


Book cover for I Should Have Worn A Curtain 2: A Novella

I Should Have Worn A Curtain 2: A Novella

"The weight of my secret has finally lifted off my shoulders. I’ve admitted to myself that I have an eating disorder. Life should be easy from here on out. Right?"

After living in denial about her eating disorder, Shaena has now admitted it to herself and to her Overeaters Anonymous group. But her loved ones still don’t know she has bulimia, and she wants to keep it that way.

However, it’s time for Shaena to open up if she ever hopes to have meaningful relationships. But her ex-boyfriend Mike has reappeared in view, still adding grief to her life from the other side of a screen. Work sucks. Her mother has been keeping secrets. Will Shaena allow it all to pull her back under? Or will she finally take control of her life?

I Should Have Worn A Curtain 2 is the story of Shaena's journey to learn to trust again, and courageously face the demons of her present and her past.



Book cover for The Predator's Prey

The Predator's Prey

Shalima is, without a doubt, a desperate woman. Between caring for her ailing father, raising her daughter, and dealing with the constant danger her boyfriend, a struggling rapper with a debt to the streets, brings to her home, she's at her wit's end. She needs a way out—fast.

Malik seems to be the perfect solution. Handsome, with a steady job and a low-key lifestyle, he'd be a great fit for Shalima's situation. There's just one problem, and it's not that he's married—Malik has troubling skeletons in his closet.

Will Shalima find love and the safety and security she so urgently seeks? Or is Malik's distrust of financially unstable women the start of an even worse situation for Shalima?


A Mind-Blowing Psychological Drama

Hardened Hearts is a mind-blowing psychological drama that explores how unhealed childhood wounds spill over into the future with dire consequences.  


Parrish is moving up in the world: she received the Employee of the Year award at the domestic violence shelter where she works as a manager, and her handsome boyfriend proposed. Her life is drastically different from the lives of the abused families she serves, or so it seems. Parrish can relate to her clients more than she’ll let on. 


Dillon is a popular art teacher at the shelter where she works with Parrish. Although Dillon is open about losing a parent to domestic abuse, there’s a secret she’s hiding. One so big that, if discovered, could ruin her friendship with Parrish and destroy Dillon’s work reputation. 


Tired of standing by helplessly while domestic violence shatters the lives of those they care about, Parrish and Dillon risk it all when they develop a plan to avenge their clients. 


Twisted Endings: A Collection of Short Stories

 Get ready for seven suspenseful short stories with unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Family Meeting” delves into the reasons that prompt a college student to urgently call her parents, imploring them to come to her rescue, as it’s a matter of life and death. In “New Year, New Me... Now What?”, a desperate woman is willing to go to any lengths to transform herself into her crush’s ideal woman. “If You’re Reading This Letter,” follows the story of a young man who must prove his worthiness for death before taking his own life.

In “Crappy Grandmammy,” a devout grandmother takes extreme measures to lead her family to God. “He Hurt Me. How Could He?” explores whether there is any valid excuse for a boyfriend to betray and abandon his pregnant girlfriend, leaving her without a home. In “The Motivational Speaker,” a divorced woman seeks revenge on the inspirational speaker who played a role in ending her marriage. “Exposed” features an underpaid pastor who delivers a message worth dying for.

Do you want to test your guessing skills? Try to predict the ending of each story!